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  • By Candace Foy
  • 07 Feb, 2017

Why consider Visi for optimal Prenatal Nutrition? Read on to find out why this is the world's most bio-identical protein (developmental building blocks) available in a powder form to add to smoothies or no-bake goods or in a portable, pocket sized protein chew!

Are you or do you know anyone who is pregnant?

Visi's Probita are little portable protein snacks that have 20 essential amino acids our bodies need for functioning & development! 

👩🏻   Here's a powerful testimony... A young Australian mom,Kristy Lea, was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 29 weeks. She met with me & started taking 2 Probita chews/day & within two days was balancing her blood sugars between 4-5 & didn't need to go on insulin for the rest of her pregnancy! (Unlike the other 9 mums in her Gest Diab group that did) 🙌🏻She was so excited! 👶🏼Beautiful healthy, chubby baby boy, and healthy momma for the win! 😍 Love Visi! (And yes ~ it comes in chocolate!)

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🍞 What do you have for breakfast?

Check this out ... maybe it's time to start to fuel your body to give you and your baby clean, absorbable, optimal nutrition... Nufinna is a complete meal replacement as little as only $3AUD a day.

No whey or soy. Just the best enzyme hydrolyzed collagen protein with a proprietary blend of 12 fruits and veggies.

What About Glutathione For A Healthier Pregnancy?


Many would like to know about glutathione for a healthier pregnancy. Dr. Jimmy Gutman, world's leading expert on glutathione, devoted a whole chapter to pregnancy, lactation, and childbirth and the role of glutathione (GSH) in these conditions in his latest book. Note the conclusion to this chapter here that sums up the role of glutathione for a healthier pregnancy:

"Glutathione's role in embryonic, fetal and placental development is crucial. It is constantly at work as a scavenger of free radicals and as a detoxifying enzyme of dozens of foreign substances and toxins.

Without GSH, these substances can push the child towards an unnerving variety of developmental and health problems. Once past the stage or organogenesis, the unborn child's principal GSH protection comes from outside its own body - the placenta. There is an interesting similarity between the placenta and the liver. Among their many other functions, both act as filters for toxins and both have high levels of GSH within their tissues. It is no coincidence.

Many common complications of pregnancy including high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes coincide with low glutathione levels. Decreased GSH can cause many difficulties in pregnancy. A great deal
of research is being carried out using GSH enhancing strategies to combat these problems. There is already some success and much optimism."

It is clear from the foregoing that glutathione for a healthy pregnancy is a very positive role. This is due to its effectiveness in reducing oxidative stress in the womb, as a detoxifier, and other related roles with pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.

It is important to know that in order to raise glutathione for a healthier pregnancy, taking glutathione pills will not raise your glutatione, and many supplements that are known to raise glutathione are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. 

Visi's Vara has Setria Glutathione ~ clinically proven to raise glutathione levels in the blood! Ask us for a free sample or get in touch with the person who introduced you to Vísi! We'd love to help you on your health journey ~ glutathione plus collagen protein ~ essential nutrients our bodies are made of and Vísi does it best!   😊

Great article to check out!…

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At the heart of all of Visi's Nutritional Essentials... is the Arctic Cloudberry!

Check out this great link for more info on the incredible benefits of this power fruit!
By Candace Foy 07 Feb, 2017
Are you or do you know anyone who is pregnant?

Visi's Probita are little portable protein snacks that have 20 essential amino acids our bodies need for functioning & development! 

👩🏻   Here's a powerful testimony... A young Australian mom,Kristy Lea, was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 29 weeks. She met with me & started taking 2 Probita chews/day & within two days was balancing her blood sugars between 4-5 & didn't need to go on insulin for the rest of her pregnancy! (Unlike the other 9 mums in her Gest Diab group that did) 🙌🏻She was so excited! 👶🏼Beautiful healthy, chubby baby boy, and healthy momma for the win! 😍 Love Visi! (And yes ~ it comes in chocolate!)

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By Candace Foy 07 Jan, 2017

Vísi   products are inspired by the Scandinavian way of life.

Their rich history is reflected in the beautiful arctic cloudberry featured in many of our products. Long-prized for its antioxidant properties, the arctic cloudberry only grows wild around the Artic Circle under the intense rays of the midnight sun. Now through   Vísi , the arctic cloudberry can support you wherever in the world you call home.

We amplified the Arctic Cloudberry’s phytonutrients with Hydrolyzed collagen   protein to create our proprietary AC2 Technology. Hydrolyzed collagen protein is identical to the only natural protein found in the human body. Hydrolyzed collagen protein is the highest absorbing protein with a 95% absorption rate, (which is significantly higher than the 53% absorption rate of whey protein, the 26% of soy protein, and the 16% of pea protein.*)

From this innovative blend, we’ve expanded our product line with a variety of products to meet your daily needs. Whether you’re drawn to Probíta’s easy on-the-go protein chews, Nufinna's nutrition packed smoothie or Vara's Immune System support, we’re sure you’ll find what you need to be a little better every day.

😄   Start your journey to a better life now—message us or the person who introduced you to Visi today!

*Protein absorption percentage is based on 15g of protein/hr.

By Candace Foy 26 Aug, 2016
Watch this brief video about   Mikla   - a NEW innovation in skin health!
By Candace Foy 30 Jun, 2016
How is your bone health?
Our bones are responsible for many of our body’s crucial functions, including movement, organ protection, production of blood cells, storage of minerals, and support for the rest of our body.

Did you know...

•  Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body
•  Collagen fibers give the bones strength, and absorb and utilize energy 
•  Minerals make up 70% of bone matrix and collagen makes up 30%.
•  Its the collagen that gives the bones flexibility, and viability
•  The missing link in bone density is collagen
•  Without collagen, the bone cannot endure stress
•  A deficiency in collagen will affect the mechananical properties of bones 
•  Collagen deficiency drastically increases the risk of fracture
By Candace Foy 02 Jun, 2016

Setria® Glutathione is a tripeptide consisting of three amino acids: glutamate, cysteine, and glycine. It is found to varying degrees in all cells, tissues, body fluids, and organ systems.

Glutathione is recognized as the great protector. Without glutathione, each cell would become so ravaged by free radicals that it would disintegrate. A lack of glutathione would also negatively affect the liver and immune system. By fighting free radicals, glutathione supports the liver so it can carry out its job of detoxifying the body. Likewise, preventing free radical damage also helps promote a healthy immune system.

Our bodies obtain glutathione in two ways: from the foods we eat and from our own internal production. Because of the body's ability to make glutathione, it is not considered an "essential" nutrient. Under some conditions, though, the body's need for glutathione is outpaced by its ability to produce it.

Why Setria Glutathione is different?

Setria® Glutathione is L-Glutathione or Reduced Glutathione and is superior to other glutathione based on the following features:

  • Clinically studied  to increase blood glutathione levels and support the immune system
  • A pure and safe material with an assay value of 99.0% – 101.0%
  • Produced by a patented, fermentation process
  • Contains no additives, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Has no animal origin material (vegetarian)
  • Meets specification for the new USP monograph (USP)
  • Meets specification for The Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP)
  • No TSE/BSE risk
  • GMP-compliant manufacturing
  • Allergen-free
  • Kosher
By Candace Foy 01 Jun, 2016
The World we live in is TOXIC. This really isn't news to most of us now is it...but do we realize just how toxic it is? Have a listen to Dr Charlie Rouse, a certified Doctor of Naturopathy and Registered Pharmacist as he speaks about the world around us and how it is weakening our defenses againts the onslaught of chemicals, synthetic hormones, preservatives, artificial flavourings, smoking (& 2nd hand smoke!), pesticides, herbicides, environmental pollutants, free radicals,etc!  
20 square feet of the body's largest organ is the SKIN! The skin is very effective and acts like armour if the collagen is intact and healthy at keeping foreign invaders into our body!
So the condition of our skin lets us know how much collagen our body has, so if our skin is sickly, weak, thin, then the collagen inside us will definitely be lacking!
By Candace Foy 29 May, 2016
 Ian only has one kidney and thus protein has always been hard for him to include enough in his diet, (thus he has always been known as the super skinny guy) ... All that changed when he started with Visi!

Here's his 5 month transformation in photos! 💪🏻  🔸 1st photo was w/ whey protein and personal trainer;  🔸 photo 2 was 3 months w/Visi and training;  🔸 photo 3 was 5 months w/Visi and training!  😳 His trainer was in awe as he quickly caught him in weights and physique!  😄  way to go Ian Castle! Check out his page on Facebook  to follow along his journey! 

Visi is the ONLY company with Proprietary AC2 Technology!

💥  We were first!!
💥  We're cold processed-(no heat or acids)
💥  We're 99.3% bio identical
💥  We're pharmacological grade
💥  We're artificial sweeteners and color free
💥  We're dairy free
💥  We have all 5 types of collagen
💥  We have a proprietary AC2 technology. 
💥  Safe for children, pregnant and nursing moms.
💥  We have a 95% absorption rate
💥  Gluten free
💥  Certified clean for athletes.
💥  GMO free

In addition to 12g of Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein, you also get 12 fruit and vegetables in every 2 scoops! These are the essential amino acids building blocks and nutrients your body is constantly looking for! Eat clean, build lean muscle more easily, perform better, recover faster and be the healthiest version of you to lead your best life!! 


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By Candace Foy 27 May, 2016

So thankful to share the knowledge that God has given us in regards to our health. Every day makes a difference and every choice has a consequence, good or bad!
Visi is offering an AMAZING May Promotion! (Ends this Saturday at 4pm local port Macquarie time!) Contact us in the next few days and let us help you get started on Leading Your Best Life! 
You have seen my posts, the life changing victories and my personal journey, so what are you waiting for? The time is NOW! 
Visi offers real Health Solutions!

By Candace Foy 26 May, 2016

Is it YOUR TIME to lead your best life?!

Often we make goals and don't stick to them for more than a few good intentioned weeks... and then old habit patterns kick back in and distractions come and it's too hard to keep going. I get it. Totally.

But when you make a commitment to choose YOU and find a way to incorporate tools to live a healthier lifestyle, you are MUCH more likely to find success in going after and achieving your health goals! Visi's MOJO packs do this with you! There is no magic pill, no quick fix, no gimmicks... you will find that anything that says does this, sadly doesn't last and often people rebound and their health deteriorates again after they stop and try to resume a normal lifestyle.  With Visi we DO healthy lifestyle! There are no containers for food portions, no groceries to buy from us, no massive exercise plan to commit to... simply, we want to help you make healthy life choices more easily and sincerely lead your best life!

  VISI = Highly nutritive food, with essential building blocks and nutrients to optimally detox your body - simple!

Please check on the Visi-Australia website for more details on each of the Products included in this AMAZING Priced Pack! Nufinna, Probita, Rensa, Valla and Vara. 

By Candace Foy 25 May, 2016

We get asked...Is Visi Expensive?? Here you go!

Visi Nufinna Lifestyle Meal Replacement or Meal Supplement! Eat better, and spend less at the grocery store!

When you use Nufinna (protein collagen smoothie) you are getting the nutrition of eating 6 fruits, 6 green vegetables and the most absorbable protein on the market. (90 calories) Helps keep you full for hours. Comes to you vanilla and you can mix it with your favorite fruit, chocolate or peanut butter. Add coconut, almond or regular milk and ice.
No whey, soy, genetically modified food, or artificial colors, additives or artificial sugars.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein (AC2 Technology)—Vísi’s hydrolyzed collagen protein is the most absorbable and easiest to digest of any protein. Nufínna’s collagen is hydrolyzed via a patented process that uses natural fruit enzymes—rather than unnatural acid hydrolysis like many protein products use—to extract collagen protein without using heat, synthetic chemicals, or acids, just like nature intended. This guarantees the integrity of the finished molecules through a six-hour filtration, sterilization, and drying process. The care taken ensures the finest quality protein on the market, with a 95% absorption rate that the body can utilize better than any other protein source available. COST?? Nufinna is less than $4AUD a meal 😋🍏 🍊 🍓

NOTE: This smoothie is brilliant nutrition for your children with 'selective pallets' (like mine)! Safe for ALL ages!!

SCIENCE LINK: Here is a call with Dr Charlie Rouse (Naturopath & Pharmacist on our medical advisory board) talking all about the Greens in Nufinna!!…

and here is one, also by Dr Rouse, on the Power Packed Goodness in each scoop of Nufinna for your children's Nutrition!

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